In Romania, domestic violence is still a big issue. Statistics say that every 30 seconds a woman is abused. One of the reasons this is happening is because women don't talk about it. They are scared for themselves, for their children, afraid of the stigma. In this context, abuse is thriving.
With Facem Bine we wanted to give these women a voice and encourage them to break the silence. We partnered with AtlasHelp, an NGO that made available a dedicated phone line where these women could call for free and talk to a therapist. 
This was a personal initiative and everybody that helped participated on a pro-bono basis. Special thanks to Dan Panaitescu & Animation Worksheep (Radu Pop, Radu Popovici, Alexandru Minciuna) for graphics and animation, Emil Ciucur (Markstadt) for sound, Orkid for music and Raluca Benavides for her voice. 
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