My work as a creative has brought me great joy, some sleepless nights, 6 Facebook likes and a few awards. In 2017, I was awarded ART DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR by Art Directors Club of Romania and I am also the proud owner of 2 Cannes Lions, a few Effie awards and 1 D&AD Impact Pencil.
When I don't work, I draw, I travel, I work out, I pet all animals, I google shoes and talk to myself in the mirror.
Feel like putting a face to all this?
Here's an entire body.
My other great talent is replying to nice e-mails. So, don't be a stranger.
If you'd like us to work together, or maybe compliment my dance moves, drop a few lines at @ and hope it doesn't go to spam*.
*It won't. But, just in case, I also have a contact form. How cool is that?
Your message was sent. I'll get back asap. Thank you!
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