Fairly Awkward Quiz
An Art Director with a Copywriter heart? What does that mean?
It means that I can make the logo bigger but also the headline shorter.
Is there anything special about you?
I can draw upside down, with my left hand. If that counts.
Do you love Bojack Horseman?
Did you know that you can set Youtube to force you take a break from watching too many videos?
Now I do. Thanks.
Why is riding a bike like riding a horse?
It’s not.
Cats or dogs?
And. Not or. 
Would you rather have a chicken head on a human body or a human body with chicken legs?
Wow, tough question. Can I get both?
Did you make your own Cards Against Humanity set to play with?
I'd rather be ___________ than answer this question.
Can you draw a horse?
I can draw many things. But what’s with all the horses?
Are you as tall as you are funny?
It’s not a competition.
What do you think of Oatly?
Wow! No cow! Also no horse, which is quite refreshing.
Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Not at the moment. But I can edit this page at any time.
Now you can ask me a question.
All good. Your question was sent.
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