In 2015, the Romanian Parliament was about to pass a new Hunting Law, that would have started a real song birds massacre. The new provisions included hunting on fields without the consent of the owner and lifting all restrictions for the foreign bird hunters. Romania was the last country in the European Union to allow hunters to take down skylarks, so we had to stop this.
We started a campaign that created national and international buzz and actually changed the law allowing song birds to be killed, all in one month, with zero budget. The campaign was also awarded in many creative competitions, the most important awards being 1 Cannes Gold Lion and 1 Gold Effie.​​​​​​​

We released a video starring Andreea Ilie, a famous opera singer. It immediately vent viral:
Then, on our website we gathered all the information to make people adhere to the cause. Not many Romanians cared about song birds, or knew about what was about to happen. We invited them to sign a petition, and the results were amazing.
Watch the full case here:

2016 – GOLD - Effie Awards
2016 – GOLD Lion – Cannes, Entertainment Lions for Music
2016 – GOLD - PR Award
2015 – GOLD - FIBRA Awards
DIPLOMA – PR Award – Golden award for excellence, Category: Environmental Projects Communication
DIPLOMA – PR Award – Silver award for excellence Category: Media Relations
DIPLOMA – PR Award – Golden award for excellence Category: Public Affairs, Advocacy, Lobby
DIPLOMA – PR Award – Golden award for excellence Category: Buget -, Creativity +
DIPLOMA – Internetics – Interactive campaigns – Digital component of an integrated campaign Social campaigns, Political & Awareness Messages
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