Love the taste
Muller is a dairy German brand best known for its delicious yogurts and yogurt specialties. In 2014 they decided to bring the plain range in line with their Pezzi range which has a sensual look and feel. 
The previous design of the plain range was all about nature and the origin of the milk, a theme used by most of Muller competition. We decided to drop that approach and go for the taste in order to design unique and visible packages. Reading the Facebook comments from Muller page, we saw that "love" was an word often associated with the taste of Muller products. So we took all that love and transform it in some pretty memorable packages that will make you fall in love with them even before you taste the goodies inside.
The new packaging design was launched during Romanian Design Week, a 10 days festival staged every year in May, that promotes design as a pad for cultural, social and economical growth.
Thanks to DesignRush for showcasing this project.
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