Idea::Bank was a brand new Polish bank opening in Romania, with a fresh, unique approach: make banking easy and friendly for everyone. Here are a few materials that were created for the launch campaign.
We launched a series of video prerolls showing our actors interacting with YouTube features while sharing the brand's message.

Idea::Selfie - This one deserves a SHARE. Only 1 document required to apply for a loan.
Idea::iBank - It's more difficult to hit the skip button than to make an iPayment with only 3 clicks.
Idea::depo - Hit play and start a deposit with double interest in the last month.
Idea::foto card - 0 views? No. 0% commission for cash withdrawal at any ATM.
A special outdoor was created in the busiest subway station.
Because Idea::Bank is all about making your ideas come true in the simplest way possible, we proposed an online promo activation. Using your webcam, you could win money for your idea by simply.. not blinking. However, THIS idea didn't survive the client's strategic knife and was not implemented :(
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