Through this campaign we wanted to celebrate all the women out there who change the world with their beauty just by being themselves and remind them how important they are for everyone around them. 
Under the "Beauty for a Purpose" international concept, we found a way to talk to women in a very authentic, honest manner, by focusing on their natural beauty and turning it into strength. We photographed real AVON Representatives and Ambassadors and complimented their beauty in an outdoor, online and print campaign to inspire all the women who forgot they are beautiful.
We followed-up with an even more empowering message, by actually creating the first line of inner beauty cosmetics by Avon.

Your skin inspires the courage of being vulnerable.

Your eyes tell love stories.

Your hands are creators of the future.

Your skin is the map of all your victories.

Your hair is a link to the most beautiful thoughts.

Your beauty inspires success stories.

It's time you knew your beauty inspires everybody around you.

It's time you knew your lips can change the world with only a few words.

It's time you knew... or maybe you already know that a powerful woman is a beautiful woman.

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