Irina Corcoveanu came to me with a desire to add some spice into the publishing landscape of competition law. She is a competition lawyer herself and she decided to take the chance and make her voice heard by building a professional blog and news hub related to EU competition matters.
For me, this project was somehow a "One Woman Show". I came up with the naming - CompetionWise - the logo and brand identity design, and also the web design and development for the blog. In designing the logo, I focused on the "Wise" part of the product and created an abstract W from 3 "competing" shapes. The competition player is like a car on a highway, rushing to its destination and trying to overpass others, so the chosen font was inspired by the clarity of the road signs. 
You can see the result at and, while you're there, maybe get to know a little more about competition law :)​​​​​​​
Good luck, Irina, in this courageous journey.
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