MedLife is the private medical services market leader in Romania.​​​​​​​
In building their brand image, we started by redefining its leader status by redefining the widely known and ancient oath: the Hippocratic Oath. New times that came with revolutionary technology required a new vision so the MedLife doctors took the old oath in new meanings, closer to the people.
As a follow-up to The Hippocratic Oath (modern version) we paid tribute to the Romanian brilliant pioneers, the doctors who made breakthrough discoveries in times when technology didn’t exist and whose legacy is cherished and taken further by MedLife’s doctors, with the help of the top-quality technology.
Inspired by the way high-tech technology changed the practice of medicine at MedLife, we updated the Hippocratic Oath with a new appendix. One that states the vital importance of technology in the hands of our doctors. It helps them see, feel, touch and heal better. It turns them from doctors into super doctors.
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